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.• And hers was a presence that shined like the sun; all were victim to her burning rays •.

General Information

「 Current Health Status: Post-Partum Recovery 」





Race & Clan

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Twenty-Sixth Sun of the Fourth Umbral Moon 1399 6th A.E. | ♍︎


Viera | Rava

Six fulms Three Ilms | Approximately Two-hundred & Thirty Ponz

Golmore Jungle, Othard

The Kingdom of Dalmasca, Othard [Nulled due to Annexation]

Scion of the Seventh Dawn | Emerita of Raithwall | Aetherologist | Calamatologist

Rune Fencer

Lawful Neutral • ENFJ-T

Partnered with Olvaire Meissonnier


Often outspoken and at times intrusively provoking, the viera known only as 'Rayne' to all she encounters is considered at best mostly tolerable for a woman of her position — at worst, downright obnoxious. Despite displaying an air of petulance typically out of want for entertainment, Rayne isn't a difficult woman to earn the favour of — so long as you know what to say and how to say it. Though, as easy as it might be to get on her good side, one as well find themselves easily aggravating her; she is noted to not hesitate confronting such when the occasion rears its head. Having accepted the fate of her prolonged lifespan and the troubles that come with such, her polarizing personality can presumptuously come from a desire to protect her feelings.

"I've suffered the burdening loss of being merely one woman with far too many bells to spare and even less skill to use them wisely.A meaningless self-assigned expectation.I now understand I was blinded by a cause meant to be carried by many — such ideals is what makes them stronger."

While there are pitiful attempts to withdraw from the company of other spoken, ones that can only honestly be described as “half-assed” – Rayne is often left to mend the wounds time is wont to inflict on her. A once knight of the Dalmascan Order – as well an esteemed academic scholar during this period – the woman spent her time after these endeavours as a vagabond of the sorts, traveling from location to location to study the aether of Hydaelyn as well as accept jobs that suited her skillset. After finding a once believed to be dead long-time friend, Rayne found the focus she had lost over the years rekindled. As a result, she established Raithwall Institute of Aetherial and Corporeal Science, an esteemed institution for practitioners and researchers of aether and all things related. When the realms saw the emergence of dangerous spires that wrought unspeakable despair in their wake, Rayne was procured an offer of application through Maelstrom and her work alongside the Ironworks to join the Scions of the Seventh Dawn in a call for man power. She now uses her institute as a bastion of knowledge and protection on their behalf.Loud as she is persistent, if you manage to find yourself under her "care", you can be certain she will keep tabs on you until the end of her suns – or more than likely, yours.


• Some may take note of her occasionally changing mane colour. As silver haired as most viera come, Rayne has turned to dyeing her hair after leaving the Wood.• The viera – while once notably muscular due to her often visible arms and legs – softened for nearly a year as a result of her pregnancy with her daughter. Since then, she has made a daily effort to regain her strength and form – and while not perfect, has managed back into better shape.• Her feet are digitigrade, as a result of her leporine biology – therefore inclining her toward heeled shoes at all times. As well does a tufted short tail rest nestled just at the base of her spine.

I. Ravanese (Golmoran)Advanced MidAdvanced Low
II. Dalmascan CommonAdvanced HighAdvanced High
III. HinganIntermediate MidNovice High
IV. ThavnarianIntermediate LowNo Proficiency

Language fluency is dictated by the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines,which you can read by clicking here.

Rayne's voice holds true the remnants of her heritage back home in Golmore. A subdued accent lingering over her refined common, you can hear an example of how she might be perceived in game below:

Voice Inspiration: Katrín Jakobsdóttir ◈


These items are nearly always on Rayne's form at some capacity. Their frequency noted alongside their decriptions.

Ornate Sheathed Sabre • Frequent

Nestled at the woman's side is her trusted blade, one that has been through over thirty years of her long life. Rich with history, it supposedly has a name bestowed upon it – one to be learned through interacting with the woman.Its made up compounds are rare in nature: refined mythril mixed with other amplifying ores for use of focus in magick conduction – the carefully carved runes over the face of its surface speak volumes of the specificity of its job.

Golden Pearl Ring • Always

A decorative ring never excluded from Rayne's day-to-day apparel on her right forefinger. There is an unspoken value to the accessory – perhaps a gift from turns passed.

Satchel • Frequent

Rayne's work bag. Within it, are various potions, documents, tomes and tools for measuring aether. She also tends to carry pouches of dried fruit/meat, as well a gil pouch of daily varying weight.• Pickpocketing of this item is permit, although a /roll is required for detection.

Golden Calligraphy Pen • Situational

Typically only on the woman when her satchel is with her, the pen is engraved with vines and foliage. The ivory shaft of the pen has the word Ratlljóst carved onto the surface, a Golmoran phrase for Enough Light to Navigate.View the full image of it here

Aged Journal • Situational

Only ever on her when carrying her satchel, Rayne's journal his rich with the woman's long history and has been with her since her arrival outside the Wood.Bound by lock and key, wherever the tool used to open it may be, it is not overly apparent to any potential pickpockters

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Disclaimer: Anything presented here is pre-written history in the form of short stories from the perspective of the character. Their purpose is for reading pleasure and mostly for reference material. Proceed with caution after reading this information and roleplaying!Any and all forms of meta-gaming with such information without being gained through RP or proper discussion will be cause for immediate cut in communication until further notice.

Golmore Jungle • The Kingdom of Dalmasca

The Royal City of Rabanastre • The Kingdom of Dalmasca

Kugane • Shishu

Radz-at-Han • Thavnair

The Forbidden Land • Eureka

Present Timeline Onward

Some of the stories written here are locked behind access restrictions. In order to gain access to read them, you must interact with Rayne ICly until a point in which the player deems you are able to read it – as whatever the story has within it are considered major spoilers or secrets.✔ Indicates the arcs completion whereas an ✘ indicates incompletion.

La Noscea • Vylbrand

Dravania • Aldenard

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◈ Disclaimer: Rayne...

» Follows a custom fanon lore made by yours truly for the Viera. If you're interested in reading through it or even adopting it yourself, you can find it by clicking here!

» Does not use her in-game last name Eryut. It is a placeholder since the game requires you have a surname, but is just the name of her village back home in Golmore – she only goes by her alias, Rayne.

» Can be a bit mean sometimes! While she's tolerant of quite a bit, she has a tendency to be rather mouthy. I assure you I have nothing against you OOC. If you pick a fight with her, she will take it in a heartbeat. If you feel uncomfortable or don't want to proceed because of this, please tell me. I'm out here with the aim of writing and having fun interactions, not to bully people or their characters at their expense.


◈ Once child of Golmore... Having long since abandoned her home within the Wood, Rayne wandered the realm as a vagabond, her goals as a knight having been fleeting in comparison to her longevity. Daughter of the Eryut village, those who find themselves a part of said clan are welcome to speak with me on setting up a predetermined acquaintanceship, though the likeliness of any old friends existing to this point with her is slim.◈ Ex-Knight of the Order of Dalmasca... Having lived her suns within Rabnastre post leaving Golmore, Rayne entered into the the Royal Dalmascan army and rose through the ranks by sheer ambition and hardwork – only to finally be admitteed into the Order with dreams of becoming the captain. A sustained injury however kept her from her grand ambition as she found herself honourably discharged; knowledge one a part of the Order once before the fall might be privy to!◈ Academic Accolades... During her time in the Order, Rayne was given fourteen years of scholarly ventures – acquiring herself two doctorates in the study of aether and calamaties. For it, she was recognized as a highly esteemed researcher, known for published journals regarding elemental affinity and aetherical balance within spoken as well corporeal and incorporeal aether – until her resignation from Dalmasca's reknowned academic institutions. Not one to flaunt her knowledge, those who might have found themselves in similar study within the now fallen city might have heard of the once studious viera amongst the murmurs of other scholars.◈ Chancellor of Raithwell Institute of Aetherial and Corporeal Science... Rayne has taken it upon herself to further her own knowledge, as well find company in others similarly studied. Establishing the institute under Alliance jurisdiction, Rayne uses the center for companionship and exploration, as well research and development. Anyone with exemplary skill in aetherial study or other various means, can feel free to get in contact with her if interested in this establishment.◈ Minor Scion... When the western and eastern realms found themselves plagued by the sudden emergence of ominous spires – ones that radiated questionably large sums of aether – the Scions of the Seventh Dawn knew themselves vastly understaffed for the crisis. Seeking out affiliates that had worked closely alongside the Alliance, Rayne was permitted application and acceptance into the Scions in order to help mitigate this crisis, as per her qualifications. While not a part of the Circle of Knowing or the Path of the Twelve – as she is not an echo bearer – Rayne still works as a Scion for the betterment of Hydaelyn from any number of threats, no matter how small her contribution. If your character is affiliated with the Scions, we can set a meeting up through that!◈ Frequents Vylbrand... While often traveling to just about anywhere she pleases, Rayne has a certain fondness for Vylbrand and its clime. With her institute located within Limsa Lominsa and having officially purchased her own home on the lower La Noscean coast, Rayne can primarily be found on the island.◈ Drunkard... Often haunting local bars, Rayne seems to have a rather questionable attachment for booze of any sort – especially that which helps her forget a night or two. While the woman went without drinking while pregnant, after half a turns time she seems already to be falling back into bad habits.


» Rayne as a character started at 183 years old at mid 2019, her first birthday following being August 26th. 2019. I don't adhere to the time bubble, so if I ever forget to update her carrd and you're wondering how old she would be now, use this for reference.

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☑ Positive | ☐ Neutral | ☒ Negative | ☰ Uncertain⧉ Philia |🎕 Storge | ♥ Eros | 🖋 Business | ♰ Deceased

Read about the Greek philosophies on love here.

The Daughters of Ingifríður

Some of Rayne's nineteen siblings from her village back in Golmore, Eryut.

◈ Ragna of the Eryut ◈

The Twelfth


Hreinskiptin og staðföst, síðan leiðir okkar skildu hefur þú orðið að ungri, sjálfsöruggri konu. Þú felur þig sjálfsörugg með innantómum frösum en í gegnum það allt sé ég grímuna.Þú ert hrífandi á þinn eiginn hátt, Ragna - Sér í lagi fyrir að yfirgefa heimahaga vora til að leita uppi og huga að systrum þínum.Ég elska þig, systir.

◈ Kæja of the Eryut ◈

The Thirteenth


Blíð og fjarlæg, þú varst aldrei mikið fyrir félagskap annara, Kæja. Þess í stað, gerðir þú undraverk á veggi, fagra myndir í þúsund litum.Þú ert ljúf og þráir friðinn. Ég þrái einnig að þú lifir á þann veg er þig langar.Ég elska þig, systir.

◈ Rjna of the Eryut ◈

The Eighteenth


Björt og djörf sem hlýr sumardagur - Kæra Rjna, þú ert jafn ljúf og þú ert full eldmóði. Þú varst fyrst til þess að finna mig og stendur mér við hlið líkt og við höfum þekkst allt okkar líf.Þú ert full af ævintýraþrá og undrum. Ég vil sjá þessa hlýju varðveitta.Ég elska þig, systir.

Friends & Acquaintances

◈ Aedida Aldricht ◈

The Sha'ir


Physicker Aldricht, if only you saw the value within yourself that I see in you each moment we come upon one another.Yours is a past I am most curious about.

◈ Koi ◈

The Kismit


You've given a great deal for this supposed 'act' of yours. To what end do your expenses afford your grand scheme, I wonder? In what ways do you lie or tell the truth?We'll see how deep that mask goes; mayhap some sun I shall truly see what lies beneath it — if anything at all.

◈ Lothaire Beaufort ◈

The Cursed

Poor thing. Your plights have remained unheard and unanswered for so long now.I shall be sure you are received justly – you shall not suffer on your lonesome anymore.

◈ Naja of the Vile ◈

The Kit


Dúllakaní, you are my daughter. I will see to it, that the pain you have endured be made right through a future carved in righteous fire.

◈ Olvaire Meissonnier ◈

The Rival


Ollie, even after all this time... you're still a pain in my ass.It's strange, Elskan mín, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd have the chance to be where I am with you – yet here we are.I hope you know how much I love you.

𝄞 Avicii – Dear Boy Avicii – Forever Yours
Hozier – Do I Wanna Know | Cover 𝅘𝅥𝅮

◈ Ragi'zi Jiube ◈

The Keeper


Older than most, Ragi'zi, yours is a tale I find great facination in delving into. There is a story behind every wrinkle and scar – for one so aged and yet not, how much is there to be learned from you, I wonder?

◈ Sylfir of the Yngvild ◈

The Resolute


Hrefna,we've come far now, haven't we?While you came and found a heartbreak I would not wish even toward my enemies – we shall strive for better memories together.

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Non-Player Character Relationships

◈ Aldísa Cornelia Meissonier ◈

The Moon

Status: AliveNamesday: 14th Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon 8 7th U.A.

Aldísa, though you came during a most tumultuous period, you are no less welcomed into a star more peaceful than yesterturn.It is my hope that whatever the future holds, you will find strength beside your sister.

◈ Bacia Siola Nabaria ◈

The Impudent

Status: UnknownI could never fully understand you.Not your scorn, nor the cruelty in your heart.Despite it all, I hope wherever you are, you found peace.I do believe even you deserve that.

◈ Elena Leonzio ◈

The Kindred

Status: DeceasedMy dearest Elena.Not a sun goes by that my heart is not wistful for your voice. You were my sister. You lifted me up when there was none who could.You deserved a more just end.

◈ Fríða Elena Meissonier ◈

The Sun

Status: AliveNamesday: 27th Sun of the Fifth Astral Moon [9/27/20]

Fríða, my child.My darling baby.you are my life, my light.I will make this a realm worthy of such a radiance.

𝄞 Sebastien Najand - Eclipse Leona 𝅘𝅥𝅮

◈Tyr Hungana ◈

The Guardian

Status: DeceasedYou were a faðir to me.I never knew what it meant to have one, never trusted the importance of such.I will carry on the legacy you have entrusted to me.

◈ Umeko Ōtsuka ◈

The Devoted

Status: UnknownOur suns together were blurry at best. Harmful for us both at worst.You deserve better than what I cannot give.I deserved better than what I did not want.

𝄞 Seeb, Goodboys, HRVY - Unfamiliar 𝅘𝅥𝅮

◈ Vareth Leonzio ◈

The Erstwhile

Status: MIAAfter everything we have been through.Every painful night and word.You will never understand the wound you inflicted upon me in the end.

𝄞 Kygo - Broken Glass 𝅘𝅥𝅮

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